Life Lessons from a Butterfly

When life is hard and you feel despair……
Imagine what you can learn from a butterfly in the air!
Break free from your cocoon…….
Let go of the troubling past…..
Trust in your future filled with hope…..
Embrace miraculous change….
Unfurl your wings as you dare to take flight…..
Ride the breezes good and bad….
Savor all of the flowers of life……
Lavish in all of your bright colors,
For you are a beautiful sight!
Life Lessons Psychiatric Services, S.C. was founded by owner Melissa Charette, PMHNP in June 2011. Life Lessons is the premise of my practice. I don’t believe we make mistakes, I believe that there is a reason and a purpose for everything we experience in life and learn “life lessons” from them.

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